My name is Larry Micari, and I’m ready to become your next District 1 supervisor.

 I am a 33-year veteran of law enforcement. I started as a police officer in Farmersville and retired as a Tulare County Sheriff’s Department captain. I have learned the importance of responding to the needs of our citizenry on a daily basis. I was someone who they could count on to get the job done.


I never thought that I would
run for political office.

In fact, I’ve never really been a fan of politicians, but, like many of my friends and neighbors in District 1, I know that things need to change. The incumbent has failed to represent us like he promised. He doesn’t return phone calls, he doesn’t respond to tough questions, and he has failed to act in our best interests.

“It’s time we find solutions.”

Because of a lack of maintenance and poor budget management, our roads are not only dangerous, but damages to vehicles are being reported nearly every day. Instead of fixing the roads, we just continue to pay thousands of dollars in claims. Since the incumbent was elected, these problems have gotten worse. I am committed to making road improvements one of my top priorities.

In addition, homelessness in Tulare County has become a crisis. We have city and county leaders who have talked this issue to death, but it’s time we find solutions. The incumbent has proven that he’s all talk and no action. We need to provide hope and help. We should be finding ways to give a hand up – not a hand out to people who have no place to live. In many cases, we need to find ways of providing mental health treatment to those in need. I’m ready to take on this crisis.

Also, protecting our water rights is critical and even though we’ve had some wet years, the people in District 1 are still facing big challenges. Every day, I talk to people who have tried to contact the incumbent to talk about the issue, and they are ignored again and again. We need someone who doesn’t go to Sacramento to interview for his next political job. As District 1 supervisor, I will go to Sacramento and fight for improved water access and more water storage.

When people call 911, they have an emergency and, as a 33-year law enforcement veteran, I know that first responders can’t sit back and hope that the emergency will fix itself. As your next District 1 supervisor, I will be your first responder. I will answer every phone call, I will answer every question, and I will represent you because you deserve it.

I’m Larry Micari, and I will fight for you as your next District 1 supervisor.