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Larry Micari Unanimously Endorsed by Professional Law Enforcement Managers Association of Tulare County

“With great pleasure,” the Professional Law Enforcement Managers Association of Tulare County on Thursday unanimously endorsed Larry Micari to become the next District 1 Supervisor on the Tulare County Board of Supervisors

Why we are voting for Larry Micari

We live in a neighborhood plagued by very loud, illegal parties. They started several years ago

with each location having a few parties a year. However, in 2019 the parties started in early

spring and continued almost every weekend through late Fall.

At the beginning of the party season in 2019 we reached out to our Supervisor in District 1,

Kuyler Crocker, for help. We received absolutely no response from him. We then contacted our

Tulare County Code Enforcement Division. Even then the parties continued. We sent video after

video, with sound, to the Enforcement Officer. We were informed by the Enforcement

Department the parties were unpermitted and illegal, yet the parties were never shut down and

kept going. Out of frustration we contacted our attorney and had him send out a letter to various

Tulare County government officials, including Mr. Crocker our District Supervisor, asking for

help. We did not receive one response from anyone. We continued to be ignored.

We heard that Larry Micari was running for District 1 Supervisor and, through a friend, got his

number and texted him explaining our situation and frustration with the complete lack of

communication from our current Supervisor. Mr. Micari responded within the hour! I’ve had

multiple conversations with him and also met him at a Tulare County Board meeting and have

been impressed by the level of concern he has shown about our situation. With full confidence,

we will be voting for Larry Micari on March 3.

Donald Jensen

Susan Jensen

Mike Boudreaux, Tulare County Sheriff

“As Tulare County Sheriff, I have had the opportunity to work with Larry Micari over the years and even more so in his capacity as an administrator.” I know him to be a man who truly cares for people. He is extremely knowledgeable to the needs of our communities. I know Larry Micari will represent the voices of District One on the Board of Supervisors.”

Bill Wittman, Retired Tulare County Sheriff

“As a retired Tulare County Sheriff, I know what it takes to be a leader. Larry Micari is just that person!”

Pete Vander Poel, Tulare County Supervisor-Chairman (District 2)

“I have no doubt Larry Micari is the most qualified person for the Tulare County Board of Supervisors – District One. In my years of working with Larry, his commitment to communication, financial responsibility, and his constituents makes him the ONLY choice for Tulare County.”

Mike Ennis, Retired Tulare County Supervisor (District 5)

“Larry Micari’s honesty, sensible style, and hopeful insight into our community’s problems and needs and his willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public sets him apart from the other candidates. Please join me in supporting Larry Micari.”

Former State Senator Andy Vidak - “I am proud to support Larry Micari because I know he’s the best choice for the residents of District 1.  The top priority of an elected official is to represent their constituents and be their voice on the Board of Supervisors. The residents of District 1 deserve a Supervisor who will always do what’s best for the community and that’s why I’ve decided to endorse Larry Micari. He will be the Supervisor that the residents of District 1 deserve and I know he will accomplish great things for the hardworking families in Tulare County.” 

Robin Skiles - I want to wish my good friend Larry Micari good luck in his bid for the District 1 Supervisor seat in Tulare County. Larry is the man for the job and will serve his district well. I have known and worked with Larry for many years with the Sheriff's Office as deputies, detectives, sergeants and administrators. Larry has always conducted business with a sense of what was best for the community. Larry really deeply cares about Tulare County and his community. He is caring compassionate and very capable. As a retired Undersheriff I give Larry Micari my full support in his run for District 1 Supervisor.

Mike White - Lemoncove:

I’ve lived in Tulare County all my life and I currently live in District 1. Over the years we have had some excellent county supervisors that were accessible and responsive to their constituents by listening to their concerns, answering tough questions and being a strong voice for our community. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been my experience in recent years. I live in an unincorporated, rural area of Tulare County and even though my issues and concerns are going to be different than those who live within the city limits, they are no less important. We need someone who will listen and work for ALL their constituents. I know Larry to be a man who listens, finds solutions and gets things done. He’s the man I want in county leadership. My wife and I are proud to endorse Larry Micari for Tulare County Supervisor, District 1.

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Tony Cornett - Having known Larry for over 30 years I have no doubt he’d be the best choice for representing District 1, clearly indicated by his endorsements. His honesty, experience, transparency and desire to make the county and District 1 a better place to live and work says it all.

Gary Kunkel - I worked with Macari “back in the day” when I was the Ag Commissioner and he was with the Sheriff Dept. A quality guy then and now.

Three Rivers





Lemon Cove



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